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Ingrown Survival Guide


What NOT To Do

  • STOP picking at any ingrowns & do not.... we repeat... DO NOT go digging for them!

  • AVOID trying to "pop" or push the ingrown to the skin's surface.

  • STOP shaving your Peach in between your waxing appointments.

Rescue Action Plan

EXFOLIATE Show your Peach some love 2-3 times a week with a GENTLE exfoliation routine! Use gentle circular motions, sweeping up towards the face to slough off the dead skin cells.

HYDRATE Babe you have to stay hydrated! So drink your water & moisturize your skin to keep your Peach golden. ​ Did you know the best time to moisturize is after you exfoliate?! Freshly exfoliated skin can easily soak up those skin hydrating moisturizers!

GOLDEN RULE Your Peach is delicate so the Golden Rule we live by is if you wouldn't do it to your face... don't do it to your Peach!

PATIENCE Give your Peach time to get back on track. If you stick to a good routine your Peach will bounce back to being as smooth as a dolphin in no time!

Products Your Peach Will Love


Booty Beauty Skincare

Fruit Punch Peel | Enzyme Peel

Harnessing the power of 3 fruit enzymes the Fruit Punch Peel effectively exfoliates, brightens & delivers a smoother complexion for your peach.

  • Promotes deep hydration

  • Reduces oiliness

  • Relieves skin of irregular pigmentation


Booty Beauty Skincare

Bikini Ready | Ingrown Hair Masque

Bikini Ready strikes the perfect balance between effective & gentle. This masque will have your bikini line feeling soothed & looking radiant.

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