100% Judgement Free

You're awesome just the way you are!

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Pinup Brow Bar


Peace + LovePeaches

Our Vibe

We love to be smooth!

Babe it's time to embrace & celebrate just how awesome you truly are!

When you arrive at Golden Peach get ready to be treated like a long time gal pal. We love cracking jokes, pumping great tunes & catching up with you.

We also really love getting Peaches smooth & Brows defined.


We look forward to waxing you soon!

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Brazilian Wax Benefits

  • Goodbye razor burn

  • No more itching

  • Long-lasting results

  • Goodbye Peach Fuzz

  • Peach Fuzz grows back finer & softer

  • Less and less Peach Fuzz the more your wax

  • Waxing removes dead skin cells

  • Soft, smooth skin

  • No more hyperpigmentation

Over The Moon

We believe your visit to Golden Peach should be an OUT OF THIS WORLD KIND OF AWESOME!

Define Awesome




Judgement Free

Exceptional Quality

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