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Retinol & Waxing

What Every Babe Needs to Know About Waxing and Retinol

Babe are you getting ready to book some face fuzz removal? Whether it’s your brows, upper lip, chin, or anywhere else, we want you to look and feel your best. Likely at home, you’re doing all you can to put your best face forward with your skincare. But there’s one ingredient we’ll need to have you avoid before coming in for your wax.

So, what’s the ingredient? Retinol! And while it’s an amazing anti-aging ingredient that can help you smooth your skin for a younger-looking you, it’s something you’ll need to stop using prior to getting waxed.

What Happens When You Use Retinol While Waxing

Retinol and any type of retinoid for that matter can make your skin much more sensitive. That’s also true with AHA’s or BHA’s. While we’ll always provide our best gentle touch when waxing, retinol makes skin way sensitive. And since waxing removes your unwanted hairs, it may take off some skin too when you’re using retinol.

Yup, it’s a pretty big deal since taking that skin away or even leaving a burn can cause scarring. And that’s definitely a look we don’t want to leave you with, Babe!

When it comes to your skincare routine, definitely take a look at what you’re using first. If you’re using retinol, you’ll want to stop. Not forever! Just don’t use retinoids before having your facial hair waxed away. Ideally, we recommend you halt using your retinol products a 7-10 days before your scheduled appointment.

As for other ingredients that can cause skin to become sensitive and pose problems for your upcoming facial waxing appointment, glycolic acid and lactic acid should be avoided about 5 days prior.

No need to worry too much beyond that. Though if you’re curious about any potential reaction you may have from the waxing, it really depends on the strength of the actives you use. If your skin is already sensitive to begin with, make sure you let us know. We can always do a patch test to see how things go.

After waxing, you can use your retinol products again but give your skin a few days to recover from the wax. However, if you’re coming in frequently, you may find switching to what they call “the natural retinol” a better solution.

Top Babe Secret: Bakuchiol

If you don’t want to chance any irritations from retinol, you can always try bakuchiol. It works like retinol to prevent those pesky fine lines and wrinkles, and improves your skin tone, elasticity, and texture. And it doesn’t have the same side effects! That means you never have to give up your treasured skincare regimen or waxing, a win-win for you, Babe!

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