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Brow Lamination

A completed brow lamination, brow tint and brow wax.

Babe, if you're not about that brow life, that's about to change. Brow lamination is the buzzword on everyone's lips. It's one of the buzziest brow trends in beauty and is stirring up a quiet storm. It is the trend you didn't know you need; and trust us, babe, you need it! The supermodel and celebrity crowd is already on board.

The treatment delivers fluffy, defined, and fuller-looking brows! But what is it? And what's the secret behind its gravity-defying technique? Why is it called brow "lamination?"

We’ll give you the low down on this new trend and answer all your curious questions about this brow-enhancing treatment.

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination is the process that straightens and lifts your brow hair with the use of a perming solution, a neutralizing lotion, and a moisturizing treatment. These relax the hair and give them the flexibility to move and redirect them to your desired shape – upwards and in place.

The relaxed hair appears longer, giving the effect of a larger, fuller brow shape, all without the use of a brow gel. Once straightened, a tint may be used if desired. It is particularly recommended for babes that have curly, unruly, or brow hairs that point downwards.

Traditional brow services, like waxing, are also part of the service. Once the brows are lifted and laminated, they are perfected by waxing and tweezing. These fuller-looking brows stay in place when brushed and last around six weeks. To book an appointment, to up your eyebrow game, click here.

At the golden peach wax bar, we take care of brows before, after, and during the process. Therefore we only use the best formula - the Elleebana Elleeplex Profusion Brow Lamination, for our brow lamination service. We are not sponsored by Elleebana but choose to use the highest quality/ industry leaders for brow lamination services.

What’s the difference between thioglycolic acid and a Cysteamine hydrochloride formula?

The Elleeplex Profusion brow lamination formula is made with cysteamine HCL, without the Thioglycolate. Cysteamine hydrochloride has a slower processing time. Therefore, it doesn't elevate the pH level too fast. It's gentler and reduces the risk of damaged brows. This gentle formula also minimizes the chance of overprocessing while still maintaining and providing optimum results.

Benefits of Brow Lamination

There are plenty of benefits to the brow lamination process:

1. Natural, fluffy, and fuller-looking brows

2. It's needle-free and a great alternative to microblading.

3. It lasts 6 to 8 weeks.

The procedure is quick, 30 mins tops! Perfect for people with thinner brows. The initial look can be a little daunting. The brow hair appears to be extremely flat and gives you an intense look but don't fret, babe! It only lasts the first 24 hours. The initial look isn't forever. After a day has passed, you can brush them out and soften your look while shaping them into your desired shape.

On a day to day, all you have to do to get the look is to brush your brows each day using a spoolie. It is to ensure you get a groomed look. You don't have to fill in your brows, isn't that a relief? You can use your brow soap or gel to add definition though.

Drawbacks of Brow Lamination

One of the biggest drawbacks of brow lamination is that it lasts 6 to 8 weeks. Another thing to consider is a reaction to the formula. If you have sensitive-skin, we recommend a patch test! Best to check for allergies or reactions, before you undergo the procedure. Even though the formula is vegan, it can still irritate your eye area. Nonetheless, the risks are low when done by a professional.

Brow Lamination Aftercare

For the first 24 hours after your treatment, keep your brows completely dry and avoid touching them. Depending on your hair type, the procedure can be slightly drying. So aftercare is necessary. We advise that you keep the area moisturized using oil or cream. A night oil will work wonders and keep your hair nourished and healthy before your next appointment.

What to Avoid

To help your brow lamination last longer, avoid sweat, stem, makeup, or skincare products that contain retinol and exfoliators for at least 72 hours. It will allow the brow hairs to further set into their newly brushed up place.

Bottom Line

We don't mean to exaggerate but prepare to be shocked after your first treatment! In a good way, of course! You won't be able to recognize your own brows, babe! You'll be sure to schedule your next brow lamentation appointment with us!


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