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Never Double Dip Wax

Do you ever hesitate to share a dip with your bestie because she has a habit of double-dipping and you find it gross? Well, you’re not alone, babe. Double-dipping is a big no-no for us too.

Except, in this case, we’re talking about waxing, not a tasty dip for girls’ night.

There’s more to it than just finding it ‘gross’ though. Double-dipping wax is frowned upon for good reason. Want to know why? Read on!

What Happens When You Double Dip Wax?

If you get waxed often, you likely don’t think twice about the process.

You probably only concern yourself with an after-care regimen so you don’t end up with ingrown hair or infections.

If you’ve never had to face a nasty post-wax infection, in all likelihood, you think you’re plain lucky. But the thing is, it’s not about luck!

Your cosmetologist is probably your secret guardian angel, doing everything right to make your waxing painless—both during and after the session.

This includes NO double-dipping.

Why? Because it could result in disaster if they did! Trust us, it really is as dramatic as it sounds.

So what is double-dipping?

It's when you dip a spatula in a wax pot, apply the wax on your skin, and re-dip the spatula in the same wax pot several times.

Double-dipping isn’t just gross or disgusting. It can be dangerous.

When your esthetician uses a spatula to spread the hot wax on your skin, the spatula gathers all the bacteria and germs on the surface of your skin. And probably some leftover hair that’s still stuck in the area.

Now, imagine all of this being transferred to the fresh, clean wax in the pot. It’ll all be contaminated!

You’d think that the heated wax would kill these bacteria and germs, but that’s a misconception propagated by salons who want to defend their practice of double-dipping.

The fact is, for the wax to be hot enough to kill the germs and bacteria, it would have to be heated to close to 76 degrees celsius. That’ll burn your skin!

Most wax pots are heated closer to the body temperature, at around 60 degrees Celsius. This is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

Bacteria and germs can contaminate the wax’ may not sound as bad as it actually is. But remember, double-dipping wax infections are more serious than some mild discomfort and itching you may experience after your session.

Once the pot has been contaminated, unless it is completely sterilized between sessions, the bacteria not only lives on but can also get worse. This means that you run the risk of contracting infections & other diseases!

The Takeaway

Waxing causes micro-wounds in the skin as it yanks the hair out from the root. Just as you’d do everything you can to keep bacteria, germs, and dirt away from an actual wound, you should be just as careful when it comes to waxing hygiene!

Double-dipping is a terrible practice from both a hygiene perspective, and an aesthetic perspective. Unsafe waxing practices will not make you feel like the gorgeous babe you are, and you deserve better! Not to mention the fact that nobody likes to stress about infections!

So, next time you’re looking for a new waxing salon, remember to ask these questions before you book your appointment:

● Do the estheticians wear gloves?

● Do they double-dip or reuse spatulas and other waxing equipment?

● Do they properly sanitize reusable materials?

If they get their answers right, you've got nothing to worry about, babe; smooth, flawless skin awaits!

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